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Wireless communications solutions for trains and railway

Wireless WLAN solutions for trains. 
Westermo offers a complete range of industrial wireless data communication solutions for Train to Ground, Wireless Inter-Carriage Link and Passenger Wi-Fi applications. The RT series of WLAN devices are designed to ensure reliable high-speed data communication even in extreme operational environments.

  • Rugged and compact design with high availability
  • High data rates over distance
  • Reliable and stable RF links in noisy environments
  • High MTBF and long obsolescence management

Wireless communication for CBTC systems

Railway networks across the world are becoming increasingly busy. Real-time data providing information on the position of the train, speed and direction is becoming critical in order to maintain effective and safe traffic flow.Wireless train to ground illustration.

The RT series of wireless communication devices are designed to provide reliable communication between the moving train and the ground control centres along the track. Train to ground communication can of course also be used for other applications, such as value added passenger information and infotainment.

  • Fast handover between access points
  • Continuous coverage with high user data throughput using multiple MIMO data streams
  • Enables redundant and aggregated networks
  • up to 460 Mbps per train
  • Latest security features 802.1X, NAT, PMF, MAC filters
  • Configurable operation in 2.4 or 5 GHz channels
  • Supports 24/7 operation in DFS frequencies with RT-370 as access point
  • Supports operation in license free bands
  • Redundant architectures for high availability

Wireless inter-carriage link

Solutions for interconnecting rail carriages wirelessly remove the need to rebuild train couplers, and enable new values adding solutions for train operators. Wireless connection can be especially useful in refurbishment projects where a wireless connection can result in a more cost-effective solution that can also handle high data rates.Wireless train to train connection illustration.

Westermo’s smart Inter Carriage Link solution addresses the technical challenges associated with wireless connections between carriages such as cross connections to adjacent tracks, optimal frequency selection and large scale deployments.

  • Automatic coupling and decoupling process with easy configuration
  • Reliable positioning for link establishment during coupling
  • Completely transparent cable replacement feature
  • Advanced encryption (WPA2-PSK)
  • 5.8 GHz for Short Range Device operation
  • Data rate up to 450 Mbps with 380 Mbps user payload
  • Resistant against movement and vibrations

WLAN solutions for public on-board wi-fi

Providing passengers and staff with on-board entertainment and Internet access caters to the evolving need of digital connectivity. In addition, WiFi networks benefit operational and maintenance activities.Public on-board wifi illustration.

Westermo offers robust WLAN solutions to address the needs of high-density networks with multiple users with its 802.11ac Wave2 products.

  • Easy to install — Compact PoE PD device
  • Real user data rates up to 1500 Mbps in each carriage
  • Multi User MIMO allows even more clients to be served simultaneously
  • Concurrent operation in 2.4 and/or 5 GHz channels
  • Multi-SSID and VLAN support
  • Intelligent client steering and airtime fairness
  • Advanced encryption (WPA2-PSK)
  • Supports 5 GHz DFS Outdoor frequencies

Discover our range of compact WLAN devices

Wireless access points, clients and bridges. The Westermo RT-series includes RT-220, RT-310, RT-320, RT-370 and RT-610 complemented with the ICL-5 inter-consist antenna.

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Sales, Westermo North America

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