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Wireless for onboard and trackside systems

The Westermo Ibex product family provides robust wireless solutions that are specifically designed for meeting the need for data communication within the rail industry, where cables are not practical. The Ibex product family is developed for applications such as wireless communication for train to ground systems, wireless inter-carriage link, WLAN solutions for public onboard Wi-Fi, remote access and vehicle positioning.

Climb to a new level of wireless with 4G LTE and WLAN combined 

The Ibex-RT-330 and Ibex-RT-630 have been developed to meet the growing demand for continuous connectivity onboard trains, to be able to carry out applications such as data offloading between stations using LTE, monitoring and remote maintenance access. 

Rugged & Reliable Connectivity

The heavy duty mobile LTE routers designed for onboard use offer enterprise class performance and simple set-up and use for current and future needs for continuous connectivity onboard trains.

Ibex routers offer high performance data communications

High Performance

The mobile LTE routers support hardware offloaded VPN and offer best in class performance. LTE CAT12 provides ultra- high data throughput and aggregation of carrier frequencies to serve the most bandwidth demanding applications world-wide. Dual SIM ability allows for further performance optimizations.

Ibex routers offer reliable data communications


The extremely robust Ibex LTE routers are designed to thrive even in the most demanding applications without interruptions. Meeting the demanding requirements of the rail market, the range is perfectly suited for any deployment in environmentally challenging environments. The Ibex range features M12 connectors and a custom heavy duty enclosure for ultimate reliability.

Ibex routers are easy to configure and use

Ease of use

Save time and costs with the simple unit replacement solution using SIM Card memory for configuration parameters. IP 66 rating and a wide temperature range from  – 40 °c to + 70 °c ensures that the devices can be installed virtually anywhere, without the need of additional protection. The unique SIM card tray makes SIM handling a breeze.

Ibex routers provides future proof solutions

Future proof

Keep up to date with the latest technology and be prepared for future upgrades to 5G. The routers feature Global LTE bands to support all current as well as future frequencies. M12 connectors for vibration resistance on board trains ensures that the robust devices have the longest possible lifecycle.

Discover our range of compact WLAN & LTE devices

Wireless access points, clients and bridges. The Westermo Ibex series includes Ibex-RT-330, Ibex-RT-330, Ibex-RT-220, Ibex-RT-310, Ibex-RT-320, Ibex-RT-370 and Ibex-RT-610 complemented with the ICL-5 inter-consist antenna.


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