Industrial 4G LTE Router with Mini RTU



✔ Rugged compact industrial 4G (LTE) router and RTU

• Built in Digital I/O readable via DNP3, IEC-5-104 or MODBUS
• Master and slave functionality 101/104/DNP3/Modbus
• Lower power consumption (6W)
• Wide DC power input (18-60 VDC)

✔ High availability Cellular connectivity

• Continuous testing of the connection to the cellular network
• Configurable roaming functions
• Dual SIM cards

✔ Secure IEC-62351, IEC-5-104 communications & VPN

• Authentication of IEC-5-104 commands (IEC 62351)
• Deep packet inspection of IEC-5-104 messaging
• DNV certified IEC 60870-5-104

✔ Protocol conversion

• Protocol conversion between IEC-5-104, IEC-5-101, DNP3 and MODBUS devices
• Common data exchange protocol interface form SCADA to all remote devices
• Master/Slave polling functionality


The Virtual Access GW2024P Series router is an IP-rated, ruggedized router suitable for high isolation scenarios such as electrical transformation centres, substations and outdoor cabinets. It is DIN rail or wall mountable. Applications include SCADA, telemetry, transportation, emergency services and other critical infrastructure.

The GW2024P Series router offers up to eight Ethernet ports and supports LTE. State of the art VPN encryption secures all communication ensuring the highest level of integrity over private APNs or public internet.

Mini RTU
The GW2024P functions as a mini RTU, meaning there are reduced deployment and operational costs as the RTU and router functionality are integrated in one device.

Multiple I/O and Serial Ports

Input and output ports can be controlled directly from a SCADA master, using a variety of protocols including Modbus TCP, DNP3 and IEC-104.

SCADA Protocol Conversion
SCADA protocol conversion allows utilities to consolidate SCADA protocols to a single protocol at the master without the need to upgrade RTUs remotely.

Connection Monitoring & Dual SIM
The connection monitor ensures the GW2024P Series router deliveries maximum availability so long as the cellular network is available. For critical applications, a dual SIM architecture ensures that a backup LTE network can take over should the primary network fail.

The GW2024P Series router detects a network problem and fails over to a standby SIM/APN.

Environmentally Hardened
The IP-rated GW2024P Series router is designed for high isolation and EMC immunity to EN standards for harsh environments such as electric power, rail and roads.

Ingress protection
To protect against rain and dust, the box is completely sealed other than the bottom connectors.

External vibration
The device is designed to withstand environments such as roadsides where there is a high level of vibration.

The GW2024P Series router is tested to random vibration, drop, topple and bump standards to ensure the device will continue to operate under conditions that would not be tolerated by commercial grade communications products. It has an optional conformal coating that protects against condensation.

EMC immunity, Safety, ESD and Electrical Isolation
Environments such as substations and transport can contain high levels of radiated emissions from switchgear, tracks and other power sources. In addition there are tight safety regulations to prevent injury or equipment damage. These require far higher levels of isolation than commercial grade communications equipment. The device is designed to meet the high EMC, safety, ESD and isolation standards mandated by these applications.

The PVC enclosure enables the GW2024P Series router to be electrically isolated from ground, providing a high level of immunity from electrical surges and transients.

In addition, the RS232 and RS485 serial ports on the GW2024P Series router are fully isolated from the main circuit to a level of 2000V DC continuous. This provides a high level of reliability in harsh electrical environments.

Automatic Failover
Optional automatic failover from fixed to wireless circuits ensures business connectivity through network or last mile circuit outages, whilst email alerting and auto-failback confirm primary circuit restoration.

Managed Ethernet Switch
Managed Ethernet ports enable multiple devices to be connected in remote environments with the ability to segment into individually filtered subnets or DMZs. Tagged VLAN (802.1q) segmentation offers further versatility for diverse network applications.

Advanced Security & Routing Features
The GW Series router offers the highest level of VPN (IPSec and SSL) encryption and advanced routing features. The inbuilt stateful firewall offers the user compliance to IEC 62443 and IEC 62351 industrial cyber security standards.

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Technical Specifications

Industrial LTE Router with Mini RTU
4 x 10/100 Mbit/s, RJ-45
2 x SIM card slot
1 x RS-232 console port, RJ-45
1 x RS-485 console port, RJ-45

Suitable for high isolation scenarios

The Virtual Access GW2024P router is an IP-rated, ruggedised router suitable for high isolation scenarios such as electrical transformation centres, substations and outdoor cabinets. Applications include SCADA, Telemetry, transportation, emergency services and other critical infrastructure.

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