Leading-edge industrial network operating system

WeOS is a leading-edge industrial network operating system that is being continuously developed whilst being subjected to exhaustive quality testing. It powers the most reliable switches and routers on the market, designed for harsh industrial environments. WeOS has extensive support for network and security protocols that have been made simple to configure and maintain. WeOS along with Westermo’s robust hardware provides the world’s most reliable network solutions.

  • Continuous software validation ensures the highest quality
  • Resilient secure multimedia network solutions
  • Simple and flexible configuration
  • Legacy and industry specific solutions

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Download WeOS data sheet

Simple overview of protocol and functionaltiy support.

Download WeOS management guide

This comprehensive guide covers all WeOS functions and all products

WeOS quality assurance

Westermo’s software testing strategy is vital in ensuring that Westermo can deliver the best and most reliable software for our products. Our dedicated team is committed to deliver the world’s most robust networks and this ambition is attracting attention from industrial companies and organizations from around the world. Westermo in taking the lead in software quality assurance for industrial network solutions.

Solutions for mission critical networks

WeOS supports a range of layer 2 switching functions that provide resilient, rapid recovering redundant ring Ethernet networks. In addition to these functions WeOS provides additional layer 3 networking functionality including routing, firewalls and VPN remote access.

FRNT ring coupling

Network operation with multiple network media failures

Multilink dual homing

Network operation with multiple network media failures.

Ring coupling and dual homing

Fast recovery time and resilience for complex solutions.

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Network sales engineer

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