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WeOS Technology Suite

For a quick overview of our WeOS operating system and WeConfig tool takes a couple of hours  with one of our skilled support engineers. Contact us to book a time.

Westermo Certified Technician

The purpose of this course is to provide Engineers with a greater depth of knowledge of networking and the Westermo product range.  A Westermo Certified Engineer will be more effective at solving network problems and also be able to provide better support for their installations.  On completion of the course and examination a certificate will be issued.

Course Content

Cost: £600 per delegate for a the 3 day course..

Scheduled Certified Engineer courses level 1

Course Dates


17th – 19th September 2019 Westermo UK, Southampton (Full)
15th – 17th October 2019 Westermo UK, Southampton (2 spaces)
12th – 14th November 2019 Westermo UK, Southampton (1 space)

If you have up to 8 trainees Westermo can offer the Westermo certified training course on your site for £3000.

Training terms and conditions 

Bespoke training courses

Westermo in the UK can tailor training to your requirements to cover a particular Westermo product or technology. This training can be held on your premises, a suitable local venue that you have arranged or at the offices of Westermo UK.

Both preparation and delivery of bespoke courses are charged at a rate of £800 per day. Most bespoke courses take as many days to prepare as to deliver, but once a course is developed it can be run many times. We limit attendees to 8 per day on the training to ensure the best learning experience for the trainee. We are always happy to tailor a course for your particular training needs so please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Antony Lane

Training, Westermo UK

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