Terms & Conditions - Training

All bookings for Training must have a Purchase Order Number. Where the Customer has an account with the Company the fee payable in relation to the Training will be invoiced on the final day of the course and will be due in full 30 days from date of invoice. If an account is not in place credit card orders can be taken.

In the event that the Customer cancels the Training then the Customer shall receive a refund/credit calculated in accordance with the Company’s scale of rebates in force from time to time. 

Rebate Scale

30 days before course        Full

15 days before course        50%

5 days before course           25%

In the event that the Company cancels the Training no charge will be made for the course and arrangements will be made for anyone booked to attend the course at half price at the earliest possible date. The Company will not be liable for any incidental costs incurred including but not limited to time, hotel expenses, subsistence or travel cost for such cancellation.

All hotel and subsistence costs incurred in relation to the Training will be the responsibility of the Customer.

Upon request from the Customer the Company may provide the Training at the Customer’s Site or other location requested by the Customer. The Customer shall be responsible for all costs, including but not limited to the booking of suitable facilities to run the course and suitable security and insurance to cover the equipment. The Company shall require access to the room on the day before the Training is due to commence to set up and check the training equipment.

If extra material outside the normal scope of the course is requested an additional charge may be levied. 

Antony Lane

Training, Westermo UK

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